Vallejo Intense Hospitalier Black Xpress Color Hobby Paint 18Ml


Vallejo Intense Hospitalier Black Xpress Color Hobby Paint 18ml

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Vallejo's incredible range of Xpress Paints are designed to help hobbyists and tabletop games create and implement striking visual paint schemes for their miniatures with little fuss and a single coat. The thin, translucent formula offers excellent coverage while utilising it's fluidity to pool and provide a darker finish in recesses, recreating light and shadow with a single application. 
The range is an excellent introduction for newer painters, allowing them to paint miniatures quickly and with a stunning visual finish, while more advanced hobbyists can utilise the unique properties of these paints to create tonal effects, helping them to better shade and highlight their works quickly and effectively. 

This Hospitalier Black xpress paint is supplied in a new fully transparent r-PET (recycled/recyclable) plastic bottle is completely transparent, improves colour visualization and helps to protect the environment.

The updated Game Color Range is designed with Vallejo's BSL system, each paint is a part of a colour trio that suggests a Base, Shade & Light based on chromatically compatible shades that help you to quickly pick colours to compliment your project.

The new Game Color formulation greatly improves the colours application. The paint spreads very smoothly, is more fluid, opaque and contains a high pigment saturation, chosen for their brightness, maximum stability and resistance to light.

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