Fantasy Flesh Tanned Skin from Reaper Miniatures, a box of 6 paints. This is the box art


09907 - Fantasy Flesh Tanned Skin - MSP Fast Palette Box

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Reaper Miniatures Fantasy Flesh Tanned Skin is a collection of 6 Master Series Paints suitable for medium and tanned complexions which come together in a box. These paints come in easy to use dropper bottles, are water soluble, dry to a matte finish, are airbrush friendly and work great on metal, resin and plastic miniatures. 

This set contains six half ounce (.5oz) bottles:-

  • 09043 Tanned Shadow
  • 09047 Tanned Skin
  • 09048 Tanned Highlight
  • 09221 Olive Skin
  • 09442 Swarthy Flesh
  • 09443 Bronzed Flesh

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This set does not contain a miniature, any miniatures / figures shown are for illustration purposes only.

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