the Last Samurai Rebellion - TMWWBK Rules Supplement

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The Last Samurai Rebellion - TMWWBK Rules Supplement

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Diversify your games of The Men Who Would Be Kings, exploring a period largely neglected by historical wargaming: Japan's Last Samurai Rebellion, which took place in 1877. More commonly known as the Satsuma Rebellion, this seven-month struggle marked the destruction of the Samu- rai and the death of one of Japan's most legendary military commanders, Saigö Takamori.
Inside you will find detailed historical context, campaign history, and background for key figures during the uprising. Furthermore, new upgrades, unit types, unique military commanders, six new scenarios, and an updated Leadership traits table to fit the period are all features that expand the core TMWWBK rules.

Players may choose to play as the forces of the Imperial Army that would once and for all annihilate the Samurai or alternatively play as the Satsuma Rebels fighting to preserve their warrior culture. Will you field regiments of peasant conscripts supported by Gatling guns or artillery that brought the proud rebels down to their knees? Or will you fight to preserve the Samurai Warrior class that dominated Japanese society for almost a thou- sand years? The Battlefields of Kyushu await you!

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