Plasticard 1.2mm Corrugated Sheet - GSW

Green Stuff World

Plasticard 1.2mm Corrugated Sheet - GSW

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Create ramshackle out buildings, sheds and barns with this striking textured sheet material from Green Stuff World.
Designed for hobbyists, model makers and even industry professionals, these highly detailed ABS plasticard sheets are embossed with true-to-life textures emulating real building materials at scale. The thin, cut-able material can easily be sized and shaped for fit over sculpted shapes to provide a realistic texture for a range of scales.

Widely used in the modelling world, they can be used to create ceilings, floors, cladding, rock, stone, metal plates, and other architectural pieces.

This set contains 1 Plasticard sheet in brown
Size: 200x300x0.7 mm

Scale: 1:35 - 1:48

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