Gaugemaster Forest Trees 10 Pack


Gaugemaster Forest Trees 10 Pack

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Enhance your model landscape with a pack of trees that will add a touch of realism to your scenery. From deciduous trees to firs, spruces, larches, and Mediterranean trees, these diverse options will bring your landscape to life. Imagine the forest animals taking shelter under the trees and people strolling through the dense forest on a beautiful day. With our "deciduous trees" mixed with standard trees, you can create a charming and authentic natural scene that will be a standout feature on your layout.

The plastic sprues of these trees are hand-coloured and covered with a specially developed, realistic flock.

1 x Light Green Small Deciduous Tree
1 x Dark Green Medium Deciduous Tree
1 x Light Green Medium Deciduous Tree
2 x Light Green Large Deciduous Trees
3 x Dark Green Small Forest Trees
1 x Dark Green Medium Forest Tree
1 x Dark Green Large Forest Tree

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