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Green LED Lights - 1mm -1412- Green Stuff World

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Green LED Lights - 1mm -1384- Green Stuff World

Fully Assembled LEDs with plastic wire and resistor for Plug and Play use. You may Connect these LEDs to any power source between 3V to 18V(3V dim light,12V bright light).

These solid non-flashing LEDs will specially look great with 9-12 Volts of power input.

Resistor: 1.5kΩ,1/4W

Length of the wires: 20cm+20cm

LED Thickness: 1mm

LED Colour: Green

Content: 10 led lights 


 Can be used with GSW conductive paint available HERE 

Can be used with GSW brass rods to conduct the electricity available HERE 

**Any scenery, miniatures or bases shown are for example only.**

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