Gamers Grass Alien Blood Moon 6mm Tufts

Gamers Grass

Gamers Grass Alien Blood Moon 6mm Tufts

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Bring your gaming universe to life with Gamers Grass Alien Blood Moon 6mm Tufts. These vivid scarlet tufts with a bluish hue simulating a red velvet feeling will add a bewitching ambiance to your scenes. With over 70 different shaped and sized tufts per sheet, you can easily immerse yourself in an otherworldly atmosphere. Create majestic scenes and give your games an edge with Alien Blood Moon tufts.

This sheet contains approximately 70 tufts.


Self adhesive tufts that peel from the sheet. It is recommended to use tweezers to remove from the sheet and you can add PVA glue to add more security when attaching your tufts to their permanent position if you wish.

Any other basing material shown is not included.

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