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Wingspan: Oceania Expansion

Stonemaier Games

Wingspan: Oceania Expansion

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Wingspan is a gorgeous looking competitive engine building game in which you  a bird researcher, ornithologist and collector whose mission it is to seek, discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves.  This is the second expansion to the main game (Link) and features birds from Australia and New Zealand, you do not need the first expansion to use this game but you do need the core game. 

The Oceania expansion includes new player mats, a new food type, new bonus cards, more end-of-round goals and a new colour of egg. 

1-5 Players 

Ages 10+

40-70 minutes

Featured Components

1 rulebook 

15 egg miniatures 

5 player mats

5 wooden dice

69 nectar tokens

5 bonus cards 

4 goal tiles

95 bird cards 

1 scorepad

1 reference tile

1 Automa rulebook


7 Automa cards

This is an expansion and you will require Wingspan (LINK) to play 

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For your information the manufacturer details the bonus, automa and bird cards as being sized 57x87mm

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