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32mm Round 3-4-3 Skirmish Movement Tray - Green Stuff World

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These 3-4-3 Skirmish formation Green Stuff World MDF movement trays for 32mm Round bases are perfect for utilising your round-based miniatures in rank and file wargames without the need to rebase.

2 Pack

The tray contains two 3mm thick MDF parts which can be easily stuck together with white glue and forms a lip around your miniatures, securing them inside the tray and offering a surface that can be decorated to match your miniatures' bases.

Each unit allows multiple combinations of squared or rectangular-based miniatures.

Warning: The interior space has a small perimeter gap of 1mm concerning the indicated size to improve the use of these trays when the bases inside are decorated. This 1mm gap also makes it easier to get miniatures in and out of very compact or very narrow formations.

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