Dungeon Saga Origins Tabletop RPG

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Dungeon Saga Origins Tabletop RPG

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Dungeon Saga Origins promises an exciting journey, complete with difficult dungeon missions for you and your companions. With one player acting as the Overlord and the option for AI control, battles against enemies will be intense and strategic. Immerse yourself in the detailed miniatures of both heroes and foes, ranging from pesky goblins to powerful monsters. Prepare your party to face off against various factions in thrilling story-driven campaigns. 

    Dungeon Saga Origins is the game of classic fantasy adventures for 1-5 players, from ages 10 and up.
    Set in the ever-expanding fantasy setting of Pannithor, players will choose their hero and customize their abilities and equipment, before setting off on an exciting dungeon-crawling game of combat and exploration. Gameplay is intentionally fast, fun, and intuitive.
    The game can optionally be played using the ‘Digital Overlord’ – a tool that can manage map reveals, narrate quest intros and save your game state between quests.

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