Dungeon Saga Origins Glimmer Of Greed Expansion

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Dungeon Saga Origins Glimmer Of Greed Expansion

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Enter the fray once more with the Glimmer of Greed expansion for Dungeon Saga Origins. Embark on an exhilarating journey as you battle against the treacherous Goblin faction in the fantastical world of Pannithor. Equipped with a variety of new components, cards, and gameplay mechanics for both the Overlord and Hero roles, gather your trusted allies and gear up for an epic tale of heroism! 

A New Adventure of old friends

Glimmer of Greed is designed as a follow-up storyline to the Trial of Tyranny quest found in the Dungeon Saga Origins core game.  This makes it ideal to play through using the original four characters, Danor, Madriga, Orlaf, and Rordin as a continuation of their tale!

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