Making A Diorama

As part of the Reaper Challenge League Quarterly Challenge I decided to use my recent miniatures of the day (Grave Minions 77537) to make a little diorama of the two pumpkin minions digging up a skeleton.

Mrs MLG Halloween diorama

I also tried to add OSL from the minions lantern to the gravestone and ground which turned out ok. 

Mrs MLGs OSL diorama

As I was making this diorama from scratch I also videoed the process and you can find it on our YouTube channel HERE if you are interested. I am actually happy with the way it turned out and hope you like it too. 

I also attempted a Space Marine as part of our Discord ( paint a Space Marine any colour you like fun event for April which turned out ok but has also re confirmed my thoughts that I do not really like painting Space Marines. 

Space Marine

I am now on day 116 of my paint a mini a day challenge, day 116! that is slightly mind blowing for me but I hope you have enjoyed my journey so far.  

Take care 


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