365 Days Of Miniatures

As you may know I (Mrs MLG) took up the challenge of starting to paint miniatures after many years of Mr MLG telling me I really should give it a real go. So on the 1st January 2021 I decided to start my painting journey with a 365 day hobby streak challenge, I mean if you are going to start a new hobby why not start it with a ridiculous goal. 

Originally I was aiming to paint a mini a day but by the time I got to the 100's this was proving impossible so I changed it slightly to be paint something every day, get out the brushes, paints and miniatures and at least make a start so even if that day ended with a work in progress it was still a day I had done some painting. 

We are now on the 5th January 2022 and I am very happy to say that I did it! I completed the #MLG365 challenge and painted every single day in 2021 with the last miniature being painted on the 1st January 2022. It was not always easy and certain days I really didn't feel like heading to the hobby desk but I did and here you can find a very short video of all the miniatures, 268 in total, that I painted in 2021. 

So what now? Well I have found that, of course, Mr MLG was right, painting miniatures is lots of fun, helps to relax the mind and de stress from the working day. There are also so many miniatures to choose from in different materials from resin to metal and oodles and oodles of options for paint and brushes which all adds to the hobby thrill. So yes, I will continue to paint just not every single day. 

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my painting journey on the social media channels using #MLG365 and that you enjoy the video. 

You can find all your hobby supplies in our Bridlington shop and on our website of course to start or continue your painting and hobby journey. You can also see Mr MLG and I painting live on our Twitch streams  and join in our amazing, friendly and helpful community on our Discord channel 

I hope you have a wonderfully MLG Hobby filled new year.

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