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Yu Jing: Yaoxie Remotes (Lu Duan / Rui Shi) [0362]

Corvus Belli

Yu Jing: Yaoxie Remotes (Lu Duan / Rui Shi) [0362]

£21.67 £25.50

In Mythology Rui Shi are the two lions that guard the entrances to Chinese temples and palaces, while the Lu Duan were beasts that could detect truth and guarded the throne of the emperor.

The Yaoxie Remotes are the epitome of the Yu Jing remote combat doctrine. Fast and heavily armed, the Yaoxie Remote combat drones fulfil a wide range of combat roles able to lay down a lethal curtain of fire power over the target.

This Boxed Set contains 2 metal miniatures. These models are supplied unpainted, and assembly may also be required.

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