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Zombicide: Black Plague Wulfsburg Expansion

Guillotine Games

Zombicide: Black Plague Wulfsburg Expansion

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Wulfsburg is an expansion for the Zombicide: Black Plague board game. Explore new ways to hunt zombies with four new survivors and 18 new Equipment cards featuring magic weapons and potent spells! Beware, however: the quick and merciless Zombie Wolfz are on your tail all through 10 breathtaking new missions. Slash your way to the top of the towers marking your new hunting ground. Who’s the apex predator now? Welcome to Wulfsburg!

Wulfsburg comes with 26 miniatures: 4 Survivors, 21 Zombie Wolfz, and 1 Wolfbomination. Each of them is finely detailed using the latest sculpting and casting technologies. To ease your game as zombies come in greater numbers, each survivor comes with a color plastic base: follow your favorite color as your survivor stands amongst the zombie crowd!

Wulfsburg not only introduces four new survivors to your Zombicide: Black Plague games, but each of them comes with their own plastic dashboard, colored bases and trackers. That means this expansion allows you expand your group to up to 10 survivors at the same time!

The new tiles in Wulfsburg introduce a new strategic feature into Zombicide in the form of large towers you can climb. From the ramparts, you can fire at the zombies below, but they have to go all the way around to the stairs to reach you. This high vantage point even allows you to fire over buildings, provided your attack has enough range.

A Zombicide: Black Plague core game is needed to enjoy this expansion.

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