Wargames Illustrated WI392 August 2020

Wargames illustrated

Wargames Illustrated WI392 August 2020

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The August 2020 edition of Wargames Illustrated is packed to the brim with historical tabletop gaming goodness. This month, you’ll also receive a free Victory at Sea starter rules manual.

Full Contents:

  • Coping with the Great Pandemic of 2020
  • Observation Post
  • Theme: The Pressures of Command Part 1
  • Copplestone’s Barbarica: Dragon Rampant Style
  • Theme: Commanding from a Distance
  • Covid campaigning
  • Theme: Wargames Campaigns and Medieval Strategy
  • Make, Do and Build
  • Theme: Someone had Blundered
  • Rules Showcase: Victory at Sea
  • Saving Denmark
  • Blood Angels: Redcoats in the Ohio Valley
  • Designer’s Notes: Frostgrave second edition
  • Painting Captain K
  • Company Profile: Antediluvian Miniatures
  • How to… Modify a Tower
  • Top Tips for Outstanding Wargaming Video Reports

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