US Armoured Infantry Starter Box - Secrets of the Third Riech:

West Wind Productions

Us Armoured Infantry Starter Box Set - Secrets of the third Reich

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SOTR-SP03 Us Armoured Infantry Starter Box Set

Field a force of stalwart US Armored Infantry against the horrors of the Armageddon! This starter set contains 21 models and gets you going with an Armored Infantry Command Section and two fire teams of America?s finest. It also includes a fearsome Comanche Light Mech that lays down an incredible amount of fire and can?t be taken down by most infantry weapons. This is the core of your force and is playable as-is. You will probably want to expand upon it in fairly short order though!

Pack contents:

1 x US-SOTR03 Armored Infantry Command (4 models)

2 x US-SOTR02 Armored Infantry (4 models)

1 x US-SOTR01 Armored Infantry (4 models)

1x US-SOTR05 Armored Infantry B.A.R. (4 models)

1x US-SOTR14 Comanche Light Mech (1 model)

Supplied unpainted and may require assembly


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