Unusual Suspects

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Unusual Suspects

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When a terrible crime is committed, the only Witness is brought in for questioning. The good news for your team of Detectives is that you’ve narrowed the Suspect pool down to twelve people. The bad news is that the Witness has a strong case of face blindness. They can remember aspects of the culprit’s personality and habits, but nothing about their physical appearance. It figures you’d get a case like this, just one week from your retirement. Unusual Suspects is a hilarious party game for up to 16 players designed by Paolo Mori.

One player takes on the role of the Witness to the crime. There is a line-up of twelve Suspect cards, and only the Witness knows which one is the actual guilty party.

The rest of the players make up the team of Detectives trying to solve the case and make sure the perp doesn’t walk free. Each round, they will flip a Question card and pose a Yes or No question to the Witness.

The Questions all have to do with the personality or habits of the criminal and can range from, ‘Do they believe in alien abductions?’ to ‘Do they read comics?’ to ‘Do they own a selfie stick?’ The Witness will have to decide the answer and then respond with the Yes or No card.

Then, it’s up to the Detectives to interpret the response and eliminate at least one of the Suspects. If they have been perceptive and let an innocent person or people leave the precinct, then the game continues and they can question the Witness again.

The pressure is high in this case, and the Chief wants it closed as quickly as possible. The more Suspects that can be eliminated each round, the quicker the case can be solved. But with the police force under a time crunch, sometimes mistakes will happen. If the team of Detectives try to rush through the evidence or misread the clues, they may let the guilty party walk. Then it’s game over for everyone and the town just got a bit more dangerous.

Unusual Suspects will have you second guessing how well you know your friends and how they would perceive certain situations. The only thing more fun than playing the game is the discussions you’ll have afterwards when you can finally figure out what was going on inside the mind of the Witness.

There are 70 unique and diverse Suspect cards with every personality type you can think of. The Suspect line up will be exciting and different every time you play, and with 100 question cards and 10 blank question cards, there’s no telling where your investigation will lead. Unusual Suspects may be the case of your career or may leave you scratching your head and saying, “I’m too old for this…type of case.”


3-16 players

ages 14+

20 minutes

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