The Princess Bride - Miracle Pill

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The Princess Bride - Miracle Pill

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In Miracle Pill, a Princess Bride game, players attempt to capture a little magic in the form of a not-so-little pill that will hopefully bring the Man In Black back to life! You'll need to create the perfect mix of ingredients by choosing cards from your hand to create groups of different types. Each round involves drafting cards and revealing them all at the same time, building up your ingredients that will eventually combine together, but remember to follow any immediate instructions that are revealed! In the third and final round you'll add scoring cards to your tableau, making those collections of yours finally pay off! Just remember to cover the finished article in chocolate; we hear that helps when swallowing the pill...

72 Unique Ingredient Cards

  • Ages 10+
  • Players 2-5
  • Playing Time 15 Minutes

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