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The Others - A Horror Boardgame

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The Others is a horror boardgame for 2 to five players. While one player controls the nighmarish forces of Sin, trying to consume the ancient city of Haven, the rest control the agents of FAITH, a paranormal orginsation employing unorthodox hereos to stand against  the forces  of monstrous invasion.

The Sin forces of both Pride and Sloth contained in this box, as well as the 3 different types of Acolytes, each bring a completely different challange to the Hero players, as they face the apocalypse across 7 different stories, with unique maps. 

While the Sins player uses the powers of The Others to annihalte the FAiTH agents, the Hero players need to cooperate, use the city to their advantage, and even dabble in the seductive powers of corruption to fullfill their missions.



  • 47 Highly Detailed Miniatures
  • 10 City Tiles
  • 6 Boards for the Sins Player
  • 8 Hero Dashboards
  • 7 Story Boards
  • 70 Cards
  • 88 Cardboard Tokens
  • 27 Sculpted Plastic Tokens
  • 8 Coloured Bases
  • 14 Custom Dice
  • 1 Rulebook

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