The Initiative Board Game

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The Initiative Board Game

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The Initiative is an exciting niarrative driven Board game for 1-4 players that ombines storytelling elements with classic strategy, puzzle solving and codebreaking. As you take on The Initiative players take on the role of a group of 90's teens as they discover an odd board game at a yard sale and seek to untangle the mysteries therein.

Akin to Legacy Board Games, The Initiative is broken down into multiple narrative blocks that each take 30-60 minutes to play and will potentially effect the play experience of future games, a great series to play through on Board Game night!

What's Inside The Initative Board Game?

  • 1x Double Sided Game Board
  • 1x Rulesheet
  • 1x 48 Page Comic Book
  • 5x Action Cards
  • 4x Character Cards
  • 41x Mission Cards
  • 40x Resource Cards
  • 30x Secret Cards
  • 8x Standees
  • 59x Tokens

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