Terrain Crate Bleakwood Hall (Kickstarter Edition) - KSTC109


Terrain Crate Bleakwood Hall (Kickstarter Edition) - KSTC109

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Bleakwood Hall - Kickstarter Edition

In a dark, dark house something stirs. In the bedroom, there’s a strange knocking from the cupboard, while down in the parlour, the piano keeps playing an eerie tune. The servant’s quarters are covered in cobwebs and dust, although fresh footprints are scattered across the cold floor. Outside, the family mausoleum and gardens are hidden in fog, but something can be seen skulking in the shadows. You’ll need to complete your investigation of Bleakwood Hall quickly and get out, before you become the latest victim of this ghostly place.

The Bleakwood Hall Crate contains: Gothic Manor, Servant's Quarters, Grim Garden and Bleakwood Mausoleum sets.

Scenery supplied assembled and unpainted.

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