Star Wars Legion Core Set (Rebel Alliance vs Empire)

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Star Wars Legion Core Set (Rebel Alliance vs Empire)

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Star Wars Legion is a fast paced Miniature War Game set in the Star Wars universe. Take control of the scattered forces of the Rebel Alliance or muster the unstoppable war machine of the Galactic Empire in battles that can scale from small skirmishes to full scale wars.

The Star Wars Legion Core Set is perfect for introducing new players to the game, it includes everything you need to begin playing games of Star Wars Legion, including both a Rebel Alliance and a Galactic Empire army consisting of beautifully sculpted miniatures that are true to their on-screen depictions.

This Starter Set contains a variety of unpainted & unassembled miniatures plus all the dice, cards and other game pieces to play the game, inside you will find;

  • 33 Miniatures
  • 8 Barricade Terrain Pieces
  • 15 Game Dice
  • 3 Movement Tools
  • 1 Range Measuring Ruler
  • 8 Unit Stat Cards
  • 35 Upgrade Cards
  • 14 Command Rule Cards
  • 12 Battle Rule Cards
  • 1 Round Counter
  • 107 Game tokens
  • 1 Learn To Play Booklet


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