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Shadows over Normandie: Cthulhu Mythos Set - Call One

Devil Pig Games

Shadows over Normandie: Cthulhu Mythos Set - Call One

£14.99 £16.99

Some thought that with the destruction of the Deep Ones village, peace had returned to Normandy and the Madness shadows had dispersed.

In the shadows, new pawns move and come to threaten this apparent “peace”. The war was continuing elsewhere in a more “conventional”.

From misty recesses of the Normandy campaign, the Sons of Cthulhu begin to chant their dark prayers to their god that is just as.

In villages deserted by war, an insane scientist tries terrible experiences on combat deaths. A new life seems to rise, accompanied by the roar of those who should not walk.

To combat these horrors, a new investigator brings his tomes laden by spells, incantations, each more disturbing than each other. Beware to they do not fall into the wrong hands, or “Cthulhu” alone knows which horrors may cross the mystical barriers of our world … why not a Shoggoth?

You must have the Shadows over Normandie base game in order to use this expansion.

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