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Savage Core: Herr Klee (Nazi treasure hunter)

Warlord Games and Lucid Eye

Savage Core: Herr Klee (Nazi treasure hunter)

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Herr Klee is motivated by pure greed. A prominent member of the Reich, he headed an expedition to the Core to find ancient artifacts of power, mentioned in manuscripts from the corners of dusty libraries.

Once again, he is the only survivor, sacrificing his loyal guard one by one to terrible lizard beasts, Terror Gulls, magma flows, earthquakes and numerous other threats all to save his own skin. He has been lucky so far, but the heat and hallucinatory fumes of giant puffball mushrooms have driven him half mad and he may be seen madly pawing the air, wafting away imaginary threats. He clutches a priceless sunstone from an ancient temple, but he is ignorant as to how to harness it's power. Instead, he indescriminately fires his Luger at moving targets in his path. Who knows how much ammunition he has left?

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted

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