Haranna (Jungle Queen) - Savage Core

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Haranna (Jungle Queen) - Savage Core

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Harranna of Lost Avisha is another of those whose origins are a mystery. She may well have been ostracised by the Amazons or be the product of some entirely singular event. She is, however, very real, despite the mythology which has grown up around her.

There are numerous stories attributed to her and some even be true. She is a staunch ally of Za Khor but is often seen alone. She prides herself in besting any leader of any faction through warlike skills and animal cunning. She may relentlessly track and hunt down any who she deems has slighted her, taking swift and Savage retribution for their unwitting crimes. She has a collection of grisly trophies from a thousand challenges, which serve to mark out her territory in her jungle home in the ruined city of Avisha.

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted

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