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Rafale A - Heller 1:72

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Rafale A - Heller 1:72


The RAFALE is an aircraft for technological demonstration preceding the future RAFALE D Tactical Combat Aircraft (TCA) for the French Air Force and Naval Combat Aircraft INCA) for the Navy. Its first flight took place on the 4th July 1986 at Istres. Its conception owes much to the use of composite materials and new alloys.


Length: 15.79 m

Wing span: 11.18 m

Height: 5.18 m

Engines: 2 General Electric F 404-GE-400 of 7 255 kgp Maximum speed: 2 125 km/h

Maximum weight at takeoff: 20 000 kg

Models supplied unpainted and require assembly. Glue and paint not included. Contents may vary. Model contains small parts and is not a toy.


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