Pokémon Rayquaza Vs Noivern V Battle Deck

The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Rayquaza Vs Noivern V Battle Deck

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PokémonV Battle Decks are the perfect way for new players to get to grips with the Pokemon Trading Card Game! This Rayquaza Vs Noivern bundle includes two preconstruceted starter decks that are designed to get new and younger gamers learning the rules.

What's Inside the Rayquaza Vs Noivern V Battle Deck?

  • 2x Rady To play V Battle Decks (60 Cards Each)
  • Eacjh deck Includes A Powerful Pokemon V Card
  • 8x Additional Trainer Cards, Including 2 Foils
  • 2x Large Metallic Coins
  • 2x Deck Boxes
  • 2x Quick Guides For Learning The Decks' Strategies
  • 2x Single Player Play Mats
  • 6x Reference Cards
  • Damage Counters
  • 1x guide To Upgrading the Decks
  • 1x Code Card For The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

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