Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Fey Revisited

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Fey Revisited - paperback

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Fey Revisited 


With Fey Revisited, you can immerse your game in the rich lore of legendary beings such as vigilant tree-bonded dryads, fanciful goat-legged satyrs, and blindingly beautiful nymphs, or release lurking evils like sadistic redcaps and diverse hordes of maniacal gremlins. Each entry includes how these embodiments of nature might guard or corrupt the world, details on the unique tokens they bestow upon favoured mortals, and a ready-to-use threat or ally of each fey race.

Inside this book, you’ll find fey creatures like:

Dryads, guardians of the forest who ensnare mortals’ minds for their own goals of preservation.

Leprechauns, folkloric pranksters rumoured to hide great riches available to those who find their stash.

Norns, the powerful beings said to pull at the threads of fate.

Nymphs, stunningly beautiful fey who strike blind those who peer upon them. Redcaps, blasphemous and sadistic murderers known for dipping their woolly caps into the blood of their victims.

Satyrs, creatures of whimsy and strength who use their musical pipes to haunt and bewilder.

Other capricious creatures, such as a handful of types of pesky gremlins, terrifying nuckelavees, elusive rusalkas, and playful and quirky sprites.

Fey Revisited is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Campaign Setting, but can easily be used in any fantasy game setting.

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