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Murder of Crows (Card Game)

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Murder of Crows (Card Game)

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Murder of Crows

"Dawn broke the mist … in a weed-choked garden when … Abigail LeStrange … with a burning vengeance … used weed killer to poison … Joe Gooseberry."

Uncover a murder most foul by revealing six story elements that together describe the deadly deed and spell the word MURDER. But take care that your opponents can't do the same -- take their letters, counter their actions, or call on a waiting Crow to influence the murder before they do! At any moment a well-played card can shift the balance and seal someone's fate.

Murder of Crows is a fast-paced card game for 2 to 5 players that's quick to learn and features atmopheric art by Dungeoneer illustrator Thomas Denmark. A game typically lasts 15 to 20 minutes, and is designed for ages 13 and up.

Create Your Own Cards!

You can create and print your own custom Murder of Crows cards on DriveThruCards. Upload your own photos, write your own flavor text, even create your own entirely new card types. Why not make your car a crime scene, invent a heinous new motive related to you office's doomed project du jour, or implicate your spouse in a murder most foul that only you could create!

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Designers: Thomas Denmark and Eduardo Baraf
Illustrator: Thomas Denmark | Editor: Michelle Nephew
Format: One deck of 55 cards, and a rules sheet in a tuckbox

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