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Munchkin: Gloom

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The Game of Deep Dungeons and Even Deeper Despair

There are plenty of happy people in the world of Munchkin. Warriors who slay monsters, adventurers who grab loot, heroes who level up. Heck, halflings who stay at home eating pie all day.

Munchkin Gloom is not about them.

Because the world of Munchkin is also sad and benighted. A place where would-be heroes are all too often backstabbed by buddies, discovered by ducks of doom, and dined on by dragons. Heroes delve too deep, plummet down pits, and lose their loot. And that's beforethey die.

In Munchkin Gloom, players shepherd their parties through terrible travails and troublesome tribulations until —inevitably — they perish in pain.Naturally, the most miserable fellowship wins.

Munchkin Gloom is a stand-alone game that's also compatible with all existing Gloom core games and expansions.

In Munchkin Gloom you will...

  • Gather together a party of death-, wealth-, and level-crazed adventurers.
  • Inflict upon them the glaives and morning starts of odious misfortune, accruing points as you do.
  • Watch them die, sad and alone. The sadder and more lonesome the better!
  • Transparent cards make it easy to keep score. The points you can see are the points in play — it's that simple!

Munchkin Gloom Card List

Event Cards

  • Clerical Error
  • Con Crud
  • Divine Intervention
  • Dungeon Of Deadly Death
  • Hog The Spotlight
  • New Edition Rules
  • Rat On A Stick
  • Rules Lawyer
  • Senseless Act Of Kindness
  • Split The Party
  • The Other Ring
  • Whine At The GM

Untimely Death Cards

  • And Then There Were None
  • Couldn't Be Raised
  • Crossed The GM
  • Died Remarkably Rich
  • Drank From The Wrong Flagon
  • Failed To Flee
  • Fatally Fumbled
  • Gave Up On The Game
  • Had A Crisis Of Faith
  • Paid A Terrible Price
  • Shouldn't Have Mumbled
  • Should've Known When To Run
  • Was Betrayed By The Dice
  • Was Consumed By A Flame
  • Was Deep Fried By A Dragon
  • Was Done In By A Lich
  • Was Properly Braised
  • Was Slain By A Wraith
  • Was Torn Apart By A Tree
  • Was Transformed Into Phlegm

Modifier Cards

  • Acquired An Axe
  • Backstabbed A Buddy
  • Dated The Designer
  • Dined With A Dragon
  • Had A Huge Horny Helmet
  • Made A Ridiculous Roll
  • Paid For The Pizza
  • Phound A Philtre
  • Picked A Pal's Pocket
  • Read Every Rule
  • Saw The Scenario
  • Stole Someone's Steed
  • Took A Teammate's Treasure
  • Was Part Of A Prophecy
  • Angered Something Ancient
  • Battled A Bipolar Bear
  • Clashed With A Cockatrice
  • Contracted A Curse
  • Couldn't Kick Down The Door
  • Delved Too Deep
  • Didn't Notice The Nose
  • Didn't Read The Rules
  • Discovered A Duck Of Doom
  • Dueled A Drunk Dryad
  • Found A Fungus... Of Love
  • Fought Flying Frogs
  • French-Kissed A Fiend
  • Grappled With A Gummi Golem
  • Hated The Hireling
  • Lost All The Loot
  • Made A Deal With A Demon
  • Met A Monster... And Mate
  • Met The Gazebo's Gaze
  • Plummeted Down A Pit
  • Pummeled A Potted Plant
  • Ran Afoul Of A Fowl
  • Saw A Savage Seductive Snail
  • Swung The Wrong Sword
  • Triggered A Trap
  • Trusted A Thief
  • Was Aggravated By Armor
  • Was Beaten By A Baby
  • Was Caught Cheating
  • Was Charred By A Chicken
  • Was Harangued By Harpies
  • Was Mangled By Maul Rats
  • Was Mutilated By Mummies
  • Was Ogled By Ogres
  • Was Outnumbered By Orcs
  • Was Outwitted By An Ooze
  • Was Poisoned By A Potion
  • Was Randomly Reincarnated
  • Was Trashed By Some Trolls
  • Was Scarred By Scary Clowns
  • Was Taken Down By Teamwork
  • Was Too Good At The Game

Character Cards: Heros

  • Chip-A-Dale
  • Gambledore
  • Knuckles
  • Sir Hacksalot
  • Sister Serenity

Character Cards: Villains

  • Bones
  • Ed'na
  • Hazel
  • Slagathar
  • Vzzl Vr'tzzl

Character Cards: Wild Bunch

  • Cronut
  • Holly
  • Pam
  • Phantom
  • Shinolas

Character Cards: Blenders

  • Friar Tock
  • Professor Hogwash
  • Rex
  • Shadowhoof
  • Ted

Other Cards

  • Reference Card #1
  • Reference Card #2

Number of Players: 2—5 | For Player Ages: 13 and up

Designer: Keith Baker | Artist: John Kovalic, with Jaume Fabregat and the Steve Jackson Games studio staff

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