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Mortal Gods - Athenian Lochos - Box Set- Mighty Lancer Games


Mortal Gods - Athenian Lochos - Box Set

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Mortal Gods - Athenian Lochos - Box Set


Please be aware this is an unreleased product and is not released until the end of March 2019. If you order anything else at the same time it will be held until release day 

This box set contains everything you need for adding Athenians to your games of Mortal Gods.

Besides city specific rules and cards you also receive the mighty hero Adronikos, the Defender of Athens and his lochos.

•Box Contents•

1 x Andronikos, the Defender of Athens - Metal Athenian Lochagos

1 x Metal Athenian Hoplite

1 x Metal Light Hoplite

16 x plastic Victrix Ancient Greek miniatures, made up of the following:

1 x Athenian hoplite frame (8 miniatures)

1 x Unarmored hoplite frame (8 miniatures)

The above provides the core of any Athenian Lochos. Rules for using an Athenian force as your Lochos Athenian Quick Reference Sheet

24 x Athenian Roster Cards

5 x Athenian Gift Cards

3 x Athenian Omen Cards

7 x Damage Dice (red & white) Bases

19 x metal Athenian shields displaying the 'Owl symbol'.


‘Andronikos, the Spartan Lochos closes with us through the mountain pass’ Pelanus was the most trusted of the Athenian scouts and was also one of the quickest

‘How many are they?’ Questioned Andronikos as he looked up from the warmth of the camp's fire at his old friend.

‘I’d say 20-30.. but they are spread out. It was hard to get an exact count’. ‘Perfect’.

‘We will hit them from the high ground. We will drive them from Athens before they have the chance to form up’ Andronikos mused.

‘We could meet them head on?’ Pelanus suggested.

‘No. The men are tired. A head-on fight against the Spartans will risk too many of our lochos. Every Athenian life is precious. I will not rush into this’.

Pelanus looked confused and stopped to think upon the command. ‘I understand’ he said slowly, ‘But come the time I will follow you to Hades myself Andronikos’.

‘I know you will’ Andronikos replied as he slapped his comrade on the shoulder, 'but today is not that day’.

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