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Armies of Lord of the Rings - Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game (The Lord of the Rings)

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The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game is the tabletop game for two or more players that enables you to play through the events from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with your collection of Citadel Models. Take control of your favourite heroes, villains, and armies from the amazing world of Middle-earth. Recreate your favourite scenes from the movies and books, or gather your forces together to do battle with your opponent in a test of wits and tactical prowess.

This rules manual contains all the information you need to begin your journey into Middle-earth and to unleash your forces on the tabletop.

This manual contains:

  • The full rules for playing games of the Middle-earth Strategy Game with your friends.
  • A brand new way of building your armies, and a selection of example armies to guide you on how to build your own force.
  • Details on fighting Matched Play games, pitting collections of models against one another in an entertaining test of generalship.
  • 12 specially formulated Matched Play Scenarios, perfect for gaming events and for all your Matched Play games.
  • A gallery that showcases a selection of the gloriously painted miniatures from the Middle-earth range.

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