Mech Grenadier Starter Box - 1949 Secrets  of the Third  Reich:

West Wind Productions

Mech Grenadier Starter Box Set - Secrets of the third Reich

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SOTR-04 Mech Grenadier Starter Box Set

Forces of the Gotterdammerung! Mech Grenadiers are among Germany's best in 1949. This starter set contains 19 models and gives you everything you need to field a Platoon Command Section and two fire teams of really hard dudes. Additionally, it includes a Jagerhund kill team of 3 incredibly fast and deadly werewolves to range out and kill enemy infantry or take objectives before the enemy can bring armored support to bear.

Pack contents:

1x G-SOTR25 Mech Grenadier Command (4 models)

1x G-SOTR23 Mech Grenadier Assault Rifles (4 models)

1x G-SOTR01 Mech Grenadier GEWHER Auto Rifles (4 models)

1x G-SOTR02 Mech Grenadiers GWHER 45 Auto Rifles (SHS) Gas Mask Heads (4) 1x G-SOTR14 Jagerhund Mondheulen (1 model)

1x G-SOTR16 Jagerhund Rottweiler (1 model)

1x G-SOTR18 Jagerhund Dobermann (1 model)

Supplied unpainted and may require assembly



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