Theros Beyond Death Booster pack (15 cards) (Magic The Gathering)

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Theros Beyond Death Booster pack (15 cards) (Magic The Gathering)

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Charge up your deck. Plan your attack, develop new tactics, and adapt your plans on the fly as you battle your way to victory. Customise your deck with new creatures and mechanics through Nyx.

Challenge Death Itself
Welcome back to Theros, where the wrath of the gods reigns supreme. The ancient seal of the Underworld has broken and a porous afterlife sets the stage for the escape mechanic, a new keyword that gives the dead another chance at life.

If a card with escape is in your graveyard, you can cast it. Spells with Escape require an alternative cost and once they resolve they go back to the graveyard.

Shape your Destiny
Even the divine has a place on your battlefield. Theros Beyond Death brings the return of Magic’s world-dominating gods, plus new saga cards. Sagas are enchantments that tell epic stories, one chapter at a time.

The gods of Theros are all about devotion, which makes the devotion mechanic a natural fit for a return in Theros Beyond Death.

Walk Among the Gods
The Theros Beyond Death booster packs include a full-art “Nyx” basic land, the celestial land of night and home to Theros’s deities.

The Nyx pantheon is connected to enchantments, and the returning constellation mechanic rewards you for making enchantments the stars of your deck.


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