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Magic: The Gathering - Amonkhet Deck Builders Toolkit

Wizards Of The Coast

Magic: The Gathering - Amonkhet Deck Builders Toolkit

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Once a new player understands Magic's basic rules, the Deck Builder's Toolkit jumpstarts their collection and introduces them to deckbuilding.

Tips of the Trade:

Chimera Nottingham takes care to pair newer players with the product that matches their stage of development. Planeswalker Decks are a player's first purchase; the Deckbuilder's Toolkit is their second. The array of semi-randomized cards and boosters give players their first opportunity to explore new decks and strategies.

  • 125 semi-randomized cards
  • 4 fifteen-card booster packs from recent Magic sets
  • 100 basic land cards, including 25 full-art basic lands
  • 1 deck builder's guide
  • 1 Magic quick reference card
  • 1 full-art reusable card storage box


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