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Mage Knight - Board Game


Mage Knight - Board Game

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"When the first night arrived, Tovak moved to the monastery. He decided that his reputation mattered too much to burn it to the ground so he went to kill some more marauding orcs; they were easy targets for building up his reputation".

Welcome to the world of Mage Knight, a board game of epic proportions and superb production value. Beautifully painted miniatures are moved around on the wonderfully detailed tiles that make up the game board. All this is combined with several gameplay variants to suit the group playing.

What is it:
  • Designed by the phenomenal games designer Vlaada Chvátil
  • A game of powerful knights, epic exploration and conquest
  • Build an army and fill your deck with powerful spells and actions
  • Explore dungeons and caves, seek help from monasteries (or maybe burn them to the ground)
  • Build up your army, defeat enemies and eventually take on cities.
Some of the many cards found in the box

Play How You Want to Play

Play competitively, play co-operatively or play on your own, Mage Knight includes rules and scenarios for all types of players. In competitive games, plays race to claim the land, form alliances and destroy their enemies, all the while knowing that in the end there can be only one winner. In a co-operative game the players take on the game itself as they race to completely their objectives before time runs out. Solo rules are also included in the box.

A unique blend of role-playing game, deck building, and traditional board games, this game endeavours to capture the rich history of the Atlantean Empire in a self-contained gaming experience.

What’s in the Box?

240 cards
8 intricately painted miniatures
196 tokens
20 map tiles
54 mana crystals
7 mana dice
2 game mats
2 rulebooks

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