Kobolds Ate My Baby RPG System Core Book

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Kobolds Ate My Baby RPG System Core Book

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This full colour paper back book contains all of the juicy information you need to start playing games of Kobolds Ate My Baby! A delightfully silly Beer and Pretzels game system for casual gaming and barrels of laughs.
In the KAMB game system players take on the role of hapless Kobolds; directionless, inept and prone to mishap, together players will embark on epic quests and delightful (mis)deeds purely in the name of adventure and when the journey takes president then hilarity is sure to reign.

Kobolds Ate My Baby is a fantastic sideways take on traditional RPGs, that prioritises the fun and humorous side of the hobby, a great system for new and younger players, the same goes for established gamers looking for a more relaxed game too! The rules are simple and everything you need to play can be found in this book's 113 pages, besides of course your handy dice and an adventuring party!

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