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Knights of the Dinner Table: Issue 231

Kenzer and Company

Knights of the Dinner Table: Issue 231


Contents of "Highway to Hack" (#231)


About The Cover: This issue’s cover, Highway to Hack, is by Jolly Blackburn. In this image Bob and Brian are chasing that white line to GaryCon.

The Strips

• Head Down, Mouth Shut
Pete warns Gordo about proper etiquette for the dive they’ve ended up at
• The Searchers
Sheila and her passengers backtrack to try to find their lost items
• Clipped Warrior
Gordo gets some heavy-duty respect
• Closing In
Bob and Brian putter on toward their convention goals
• Semper Fi
Pete runs into a disgruntled Marine
• Counter Measures
Bob and Brian are almost there… with completely different agendas
• An Intervention
Pete and Gordo have one tough guardian angel
• Help… In a Bandana
Crutch to the rescue with a motorbike and a rope
• Toeing the Line
Sheila and crew meet an old friend while waiting in line for the convention
• Total Confidence
Bob tells B.A. a secret
• Spry of Feet
Brian cashes in a coupon
• Dead Man Walking
Sheila sees Bob in line and they have a dramatic conversation
• Take a Walk With Me
Tuley tries to fill Gary in as they rush to meet a certain man from Muncie
• One-Two Punches

Special Features

Code of the Warrior Part 2 The Code of the
Warrior, Part Two

Warrior codes throughout history

by Paul Dunford
Heartland Gaming the Movies

Ideas for how to game the seriesHeartland

by Jim Davenport

Regular Columns

  • Web Scryer: Powered by the Apocalypse by Ken Newquist
  • Tales from the Table

GameMaster's Workshop

  • All Things Magic: The Forgotten Shrine of Ceotao by Barbara Blackburn
  • Bait & Tackle
  • Deadly Trappings: Greased Doom by Barbara Blackburn


  • Lost Game Safari: Waste World review by Alan Hume
  • Indy Game Scene: Luchador review by JL Duncan
  • Off the Shelf: The Martian (by Andy Weir) review by Noah Chinn
  • Brian's Picks: Cultists & Cthulhu, Rifts Megaverse in Flames, Monster Con!


  • Cries from the Attic: Editorial of a Madman: My take on Bob and Shee... by Barbara Blackburn
  • Table Talk: Our Readers Talk Back
  • Weird Pete's Bulletin Board
  • Back Room at the Games Pit
  • Parting Shots

Other Toons

SnarfQuest #231

  • Additional cartoons by Carolyn Stogdill, Bill “Indy” Cavalier, James King, Vaarmund

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