Hellboy RPG Field Director Set

Mantic Games

Hellboy RPG Field Director Set

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Create your own party of B.P.R.D agents and take on monstrous and occult enemies in the fascinating Hellboy Universe in the epic 5E Role Playing Game System from Mantic Games. For fans of Hellboy and the RPG genre, this wonderfully designed game system provides fast paced, action focussed tabletop fun for play groups of all sizes.
This bumper Kickstarter pledge set includes a limited edition version of the core rules for Hellboy RPG plus a myriad of game accessories and stretch goal content, you'll receive a Hellboy RPG Book Bag, Beautifully Detailed Miniatures, A GM Screen, Dice, Colour Character Sheets and more!

What's Inside the Hellboy RPG Field Director Kit?

  • 1x Collector's Edition Hellboy RPG Rulebook
  • 1x Official Hellboy RPG GM's Screen
  • 1x Set of Kickstarter Exclusive Hellboy Themed Dice
  • 1x Kickstarter Exclusive Hellboy RPG Book Bag
  • 25x Plastic PRe-Assembled Hellboy RPG Miniatures
  • 1x Full Colour Player Character Sheet Pad
  • A Host Of Stretch Goal Posters, Inserts & More!