Goblin Ankle Slasher 16/44 (Pre-Painted Miniature)


Goblin Ankle Slasher 16/44 (Pre-Painted Miniature)

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Pre-Painted goblin miniatures are worth their weight in gold to game masters (admittedly they don't weigh much). Goblins make for excellent enemies for low level parties and can be bundled into hordes at higher levels, either to challenge the players, or give them the opportunity to wade through low HP enemies and feel like true heroes.
This Goblin Ankle Slasher Miniature is table top ready, perfect for your next adventure.

Size - Small.

Rarity - Uncommon.

Figure 16 of 44 in the set. Figure will be supplied in a zip seal bag.

Take a look HERE for a full 8 block booster brick and HERE for a Booster pack.

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