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Glow In The Dark Pigment - Green Stuff World - Various Colours

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Who doesn't like a glow in the dark effect! From spooky miniatures to adding a magical glow to your dioramas these luminescent glow in the dark pigment powders maybe just what you need. 

The glow in the dark powder collects energy from a light source and stores it enabling it to glow once the light source has been removed (Green Stuff World say that this effect can last for up to 20-30 minutes afterwards) and gradually fades.

As the powder is a phosphorescent product it can be mixed with both water and non-water based mediums. Varnish, UV resin, paints and master mediums can all be used to make the powder stay permanently in place. 

To enhance the daytime colour of these glow in the dark pigments mix them with other pigments such as Fluor but this may dilute the glow strength.

Even though the pigments are non toxic they should not be inhaled. 

 Contents: 1 bottle of 30ml.

Warning: The glow in the dark pigments, yellow and orange, will light up differently depending on the type of light with which they are charged. - If the light used is ultraviolet, Yellow will be Yellow and Orange will be Orange. - If the light used is white light or natural light, Yellow and Orange will have a Greenish colour in the dark.

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