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Gloom! 2nd Edition: Unfortunate Expeditions

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Gloom! 2nd Edition: Unfortunate Expeditions

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What Happens in the Jungle, Stays in the Jungle

In his prime, Colonel Bumpersnoot was the scourge of all creatures, great and small. These days, though, he's really more of a bargain hunter. Meanwhile, Lady Bumpersnoot struggles with high society, though she really loves having guests for dinner.

The Unfortunate Expeditions expansion for Gloom is as perilous as it sounds! It introduces Expeditions into your game — an entirely new type of card that once one hits the table, no one can ignore. Plus, it includes the Bumpersnoot family and their towering Baobab Treehouse, a new Residence for use with the Unhappy Homes expansion.

To use Unfortunate Expeditions, just add its 55 transparent cards to your copy of Gloom.

New Rules for Unfortunate Expeditions


The four Expedition cards are set aside at the start of the game, and come into play when certain Modifiers or Untimely Deaths are played.

When an Expedition card enters play, it brings with it a rule that affects everyone. Certain other cards also have special effects that trigger if a particular Expedition is in play.

There can only be one Expedition active at a time. If a new Expedition enters play, it replaces the old one.

Other Notes

Backwards compatibility is completely maintained between Gloom's first and second edition core game and expansions. You can use second edition expansions with your original edition core game, and vice versa.

Unfortunate Expeditions expands the Gloom core game so it can be played with up to five players. Even if you have other expansions that add even more families, games with more than five players aren't recommended.

Unfortunate Expeditions 2nd Edition Card List

Event Cards
  • A Curious Curse
  • An Expeditious Retreat
  • Lucky Ticket
  • Turning the Tables
  • Jungle Fever
  • Ghost Ship
Untimely Death Cards
  • Went down with the ship
  • Cashed in his last chip
  • Was shredded by a shark
  • Disappeared in the dark
  • Was sautéed by savages
  • Was crushed by cabbages
  • Was interred in style
Modifier Cards
  • Was abducted by apes
  • Was belittled by bellhops
  • Brawled in a bar
  • Was cornered by cultists
  • Consumed a companion
  • Cooked with cannibals
  • Crashed on a cruise
  • Was disparaged by dodos
  • Was dragged off by dingos
  • Disturbed a dinosaur
  • Was gulled by a guide
  • Mortified a mummy
  • Played host to a parasite
  • Plundered a pyramid
  • Was pummeled by pygmies
  • Was scarred by scarabs
  • Was shanghaied by shipmates
  • Stowed away on a steamer
  • Suffered on safari
  • Tarried in a tar pit
  • Took a tragic tour
  • Was trapped in a tomb
  • Befriended a Bedouin
  • Bribed the bartender
  • Cracked the code
  • Discovered a diamond
  • Eloped with Edward
  • Found a fine fossil
  • Married a mermaid
  • Supped with a sheikh
  • Found a forgotten friend
Expedition Cards
  • Secret Jungle of Secrets
  • Bermuda Quadrangle
  • Deserted Desert
  • Edward's
Family Cards (The Bumbersnoots)
  • Colonel Bumbersnoot
  • Lady Bumbersnoot
  • Little Timmy
  • Rascal
  • Bopobodingo
Residence Cards
  • The Baobab

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