Gargantuan Tiamat Prepainted D&D Miniature


Gargantuan Tiamat Prepainted D&D Miniature

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Own your very own Gargantuan replica of the ferocious Tiamat and terrorise Dungeons & Dragons parties on the table top or simply display this magnificent miniature in your gaming space.
This extra large RPG miniature is pre painted ready for display or the tabletop and measures in at an incredible 14 inches tall, with a wingspan just shy of 29 inches, the model includes incredible detail across the Dragon Queen's five animated heads and scaled, horned body. The scale of this gaming miniature makes it a marvel simply to behold, yet she has been designed with gaming in mind and is more than durable enough to withstand the rugged wear of use in game so why not treat your players to a thrilling run through of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign with a show stopping cinematic ending!

  • Prepainted Gargantuan Tiamat Model
  • 14" In Height
  • 28.9" Width
  • 16.8" Length

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