Gangs of Rome - The Sons of Orcus


Gangs of Rome - The Sons of Orcus

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Devoted to the god of the Roman underworld, the Sons of Orcus haunt the Subura like spectres. Now you can add this terrifying trio to your Gangs of Rome experience.

With three finely sculpted white metal miniatures, cards and a selection of unique denarii, this Rome’s Most Wanted box set contains everything you need to unleash the Sons of Orcus on your foes.

This Sons of Orcus box set includes contains the following:

Three gang fighters

Three gang fighter cards

Three jigsaw bases

The Sons of Orcus coin plate containing four denarii

Four corresponding coin cards

Three Gangs of Rome D6 roman numeral die

The Mouth of Orcus terrain piece

A printed scenario and special rules

All miniatures are white metal and are supplied with the required MDF base for Gangs of Rome.

May require assembly.

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