Fantasy Series 1 RPG Miniatures Collection (70 Minis)

Blacklist Miniatures

Fantasy Series 1 RPG Miniatures Collection (70 Minis)

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Blacklist Miniatures Fantasy Series tabletop minis are desigend for use with any Fantasy RPG setting, this bumper box of plastic figures contains a huge variety of monsters and Heroic Player Characters that could become the core of any aspiring GM's arsenal, or fill out an existing collection of tabletop miniatutres with some more variety.
A perfect place to start a collection, this set contains many of the classic fantasy monsters and minions that you'd expect to see in lower to mid level games of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other RPG systems, including Skeletons & Zombies, Rats, Kobolds and Orcs! Plus you'll get a selection of classic PC minis in a selection of Race and Class combinations.

What's Inside Fantasy Series 1 RPG Miniature Collection?

  • 1x Female Human Barbarian
  • 1x Male Human Cleric
  • 1x Male Dwarf Fighter
  • 1x Male Gnome Rogue
  • 1x Female Halfling Bard
  • 1x Male Elf Paladin
  • 1x Female Elf Monk
  • 1x Female Dwarf Druid
  • 1x Male Half-Orc Ranger
  • 1x Female Half-Elf Wizard
  • 5x Goblin
  • 5x Kobolds
  • 5x Orcs
  • 5x Zombies
  • 5x Trogladytes
  • 5x Gnolls
  • 5x Giant Rats
  • 5x Giant Spiders
  • 5x Skeletons
  • 5x Imps
  • 5x Oozes
  • 5x Giant Worms

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