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Faith: The Science Fiction RPG

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Faith: The Science Fiction RPG

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FAITH, a Space Opera RPG

FAITH is a science fiction roleplaying game of epic adventures, where starfaring alien civilizations race to explore a dangerous, unknown universe; while the Gods compete for followers; and the Ravager threaten civilisation as a whole.

It takes place in a far-future version of our universe, where sentient computers and space travel are a reality, and daring explorers carry high-powered plasma cannons and have their brains linked to formidable hacking devices.

POLITICS: A Delicate Truce

The technological, capitalistic Corvo, and the communal, progressive Iz’kal, aware of the dire consequences of a full-on assault, they try to expand their area of influence and collapse each other’s economy through fierce commerce and Black Op wars in far away planets.

RELIGION: The Five Gods

The Gods of FAITH are mysterious entities, or natural forces, which give supernatural powers to those that follow them. Becoming a follower is as simple – and as difficult – as living by the tenets of the God’s philosophy. 

EXPLORATION: The Labyrinth

Intergalactic travel is possible thanks to the Labyrinth, a network of wormholes – spacetime portals – that allow ships to cover light-year distances in a matter of hours.

WAR: The Ravager Menace

The Corvo and the Iz’kal managed to maintain a fragile peace, but now a war has sprung in their faces: the Ravager. In recent years, they have quickly become a threat to all other known life forms, forcing the Corvo and Iz’kal to reluctantly join forces against them.

One Setting, Four Flavours

The FAITH setting comes in four different flavours.

Two sentient species dominate the FAITH Universe – the technological, capitalistic Corvo, and the communal, progressive Iz’kal. The colonisation race between these two species has shaped their political, social and technological development, and their joint Coalition – created to resist the onslaught of the marauding Ravager species – is the single strongest military force in the known Universe. The other two prevalent species in the Universe, the militaristic Humans and the tribal Raag, are mostly known as mercenaries for either the Corvo or the Iz’kal in their galactic conflict.

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