Eldritch Omens Warhammer 40K Battle Box

Games Workshop

Eldritch Omens Warhammer 40K Battle Box

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Wage Desperate War on a Doomed world with the latest Warhammer 40,000 Battlebox, featuring the Warp Crazed Chaos Space Marines and the Timeless Aeldari. This Epic boxed set contains 16 40k miniatures split across the two forces, at release 15 of these modles are Brand New and only available in this box.
A great way to introduce new players to the game and expand your existing armies, Eldritch Omens includes a 32-page booklet containing datasheets for your miniatures and narrative missions to engage in fast, fun battles with the two armies.

What's Inside Warhammer 40k Eldritch Omens?

  • 1x Aeldari Autarch
  • 5x Aeldari Rangers
  • 3x Aeldari Shroud Runners
  • 1x Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith
  • 5x Chaos Space Marine Chosen
  • 1x Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend
  • 1x Eldritch Omens Play Booklet
  • 2x Transfer Sheets

*models supplied unassembled & unpainted

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