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Dream House - Game

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Dream House

Player Count: 2-4

Time: 30 Minutes

Age: 7+

How would you design your Dream Home? A huge, luxurious bedroom, a cool basement, a purple roof, or are you more about the practical things in life? Of course, your home should be functional – a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are surely all you need.

In Dream Home, each player’s board is an empty house and in each round you are drafting rooms from a central market – picking the rooms that score you the most points, paired with abilities or features that will look just perfect in your home. Most rooms are scored by building them out of one or multiple parts, and adding nice features, like a grand piano to your living room gives you a bonus.

Collecting cards for your roof is also important and having a matching coloured roof is very important to keep up appearances with your neighbours. It can be pretty competitive to get the features you need, especially when some rooms, like the downstairs garage are so important to allow you to build on upwards. You might want to draft a few helpers to aid you in designing your perfect home.

In this ultimate game of keeping up with the Jones’ will you be the most house proud player at the end of 12 rounds?

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