Reg Shoe - Discworld Miniatures (D05000)

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Reg Shoe - Discworld Miniatures (D05000)

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Discworld - Reg Shoe

This set contains 1 white metal cast, unpainted model and a round plastic base.

Needs assembly.

Supplied unpainted

Reg Shoe is the first zombie member of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Originally a dead rights activist, Reg Shoe has been organizing meetings, trying to rouse the dead from their graves and complaining about the Watch treating undead citizens unfairly. When once he complained to Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson, Reg Shoe was offered a position in the Watch so that he might give insights on how matters can be better handled. He then quickly became the main source of complaints made to the Watch by undead citizens. On the whole, however, Reg is considered by Commander Vimes to be a good Watchman.



**Any painted miniaturesare for example only.** 

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